Do you ever feel like you just want to take a moment of calm for yourself? Clear your mind and work on your inner clarity? 

We have 5 tips to help you reach a state of mindfulness with simple meditation. 


Before beginning home meditation you want to choose a space that feels comfortable. You want to make sure wherever you choose to do your meditations, it is somewhere that is quiet, private and where you will not get disturbed. 


Making the space. Make sure your chosen space has all the feelings of calm and clarity - you want your meditation space to look, smell, feel and sound like a place you can relax. Some things to achieve this would be: 

• Calming pictures and ornaments. 

• Oil diffusers, incense burners, candles. 

• Mood lighting, blankets, cushions, throws. 

• Meditation music, relaxing playlist. 

• Nature - plants, flowers.

• Fruit infused water, herbal teas for after your meditation.

candle tea blanket cosy warm relax
diffuser calm relax essential aroma plant


Begin your meditations by being mindful of your posture, allow your body to be straight. Straighten the back, lift the head and cross your legs. If this feels uncomfortable then start by lying flat so that your body can stretch comfortably. 


Once comfortable concentrate on your breathing. Really appreciate the sensations of your breath, try inhaling deeply through the nose and exhaling slowly through the mouth - counting 1,2,3 on each breath. Continue doing so until you begin to feel your whole body and mind gently relaxing, let the counting drift away. If your mind starts to wonder just recognise that your thinking, then return to appreciating your breath. 


Once you feel in a relaxed state you can either enjoy being in the moment of stillness until you feel ready to come out of that state or you can begin to shift your energy onto other things. Whilst in this relaxed state you can begin to: 

• Think of all the things that you are grateful for. 

• Ask to be filled with positive energy and for any negative energy to be taken away.

• Think of your goals, you could begin to visualise how you would feel achieving these goals. 

• Ask for guidance throughout your day. 

When you have finished your meditation be mindful to allow yourself to stay there for a moment, have a drink or water or herbal tea before you begin to carry out any tasks or go about your day. 

Benefits of Meditation

• Aids to reduce stress.

• Enhances self awareness and self esteem.

• Improves sleep.

• Increases focus. 

• Helps anxiety and depression. 

• Improves mood. 

• Contributes to overall well-being and mindfulness. 

• Can help with physical and emotional pain.

We would recommend to make room for 15 minutes a day, in the morning,  to practice your at home meditation. Taking this time for yourself will set you up for the day ahead, there is no doubt that your day will probably flow much better. Having a good, productive day will give you a greater sense of fulfilment and satisfaction.

Happy Meditating!