Reiki-infused skincare. How and Why?

Reiki-infused skincare. How and Why?

As we are revolutionising reiki-infused skincare, we want to begin by explaining exactly what Reiki is.

Reiki is known as universal light energy and has been around for thousands of years, it has been recognised as flowing through all living things and is believed to balance our natural energy flow and heal from within.  It works to balance our chakras and enhance our well-being through the power of touch.

In today’s world Reiki is vastly becoming more widely known and recognised. Scientific research, using quantum physics is starting to help us to understand how reiki can work to benefit the individual.

How We Reiki Our Products

We are sure you are wondering how reiki is applied to our products? And probably how reiki is applied in general.  We Reiki our products through our much loved, in house Reiki Master who has been practising the art of Reiki for more than 10 years, day in and day out. 

The Reiki-ing of products takes place at our Hemsley Organics HQ and is applied to every single finished product, we can ensure not one is missed. When a new batch arrives our Reiki Master is there to ensure that every boxed and finished product is in fused with Reiki through the simple power of touch. This is done through the power of Reiki symbols and channeling the universal energy through our chakras, out of our hands and onto or into anything that comes into contact.  Once the boxed products have been touched for several minutes they are complete and energised with Reiki Energy. 

Each new batch is then taken into our dispatch room which is also energised with Reiki Energy.

Why We Reiki Our Products 

Reiki works to rid of any negative energies that may be attached to anything or anyone. Our product goes through a long process before reaching its final stages, right from when the organic and natural ingredients are harvested to being transported to our manufacturers. Where they are manufactured, filled, boxed and delivered before arriving at the doors of Hemsley Organics HQ. Along the way it is very likely that some negative energy may of attached itself to our products and this is just one reason we choose to infuse them with Reiki as this will get rid of any negativity that sits within our product, therefore replacing it with positive, attractive energy. 

Another reason is that we aim to nourish from the inside out, we believe that by infusing Reiki Energy it can help to nourish a persons well-being as well as their skin. We want to boost peoples energy, boost their positivity and therefore boost their confidence - because beauty really does start from within. Looking good and feeling good is a powerful combination and if we can accomplish both then we feel that it can help to create the best self image for anyone!