Our products have been lovingly formulated to nourish your mind, body and spirit as well as your skin. 

We source ingredients from across the globe to ensure that every ingredient that is being put on to the skin has a benefit and a purpose, that during our busy day-to-day routines our skin is getting the love and care that it needs to stay healthy and happy. As happier, healthier skin helps us to look good and feel good from the inside out! This is why we only use certified organic and natural ingredients that are highly concentrated for naturally powerful results. 

All of our products are blessed with Reiki, Why? We bless our products with traditional reiki therapy for its healing benefits, reiki is known as universal light energy which is believed to balance energy flow and heal from within. Reiki has been known to help and improve our well-being in many different ways and as true reiki believers this is why we bless our products with traditional reiki therapy. By energising our products with Reiki, It can help to clear any blockages that may be in our energy flow to restore balance for emotional, physical and spiritual well-being – helping to leave us feeling calm, rejuvenated and connected through the absorption of our skin.

As an ethical company we have been on a journey to make sure we are 100% Certified Organic with the Non-Food Federation and Certified Cruelty Free with Cruelty Free International. We are also Vegan and Vegetarian friendly with 100% bio-degradable and recyclable outer packaging, that protect our glass jars, and we feel our transparency doesn’t stop here. With so many products on the market listing Aqua(water) as their main ingredient, we wanted to create products that offer the reverse. As Aqua is inactive it cannot be classed as Organic and is merely used as a ‘filler’ to bulk out products meaning it leaves very little room for the important active botanicals and antioxidants. Our products have a main ingredient of Organic Bulgarian Rose Water and are highly concentrated with the ‘good stuff’. They are packed full of skin loving ingredients that provide powerful, potent and transparent skincare so that you can buy with a clear conscience. 

Our products contain no nasties or harsh chemicals so you know what you are putting on to your skin. We do not use: SLS, SLES, parabens, gluten, methylisothiazolinone (MI), methylchloroisothiazolinone (MCI), lanolin, phthalates, propylene glycol, alcohol (ethyl alcohol, ethanol), irritating emulsifiers, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrance, colourants, urea, DEA or PEGs.

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