Established in 2019

Hemsley Organics is British, UK based wellbeing brand dedicated to offering natural, organic products for the skin and soul. Pairing sensorial blends of organic and natural essential oils that connect with your senses, and scientifically backed ingredients to promote healthy beautiful skin, all blessed by Reiki energy. From award-winning, proven skincare to the much-anticipated new sensorial sleep enhancing range, Hemsley Organics also offer an abundance of meaningful gift sets curated for the ultimate in all-year-round and seasonal gifting. Ingredients in all our products are of the highest quality, are clean and ethically sourced, and every step of our process is sustainably minded, to our packaging which is fully recyclable and biodegradable. The Anahata Collection achieved 20 industry awards within 18 months of launching and preliminary scientific tests have proven that our ultra-hydrating formula’s plump out fine lines and deep wrinkles after just 8 weeks of use.

"We aim to introduce a new unique vision of mindful beauty products to the marketplace. Reiki sits at the very core of our brand, we uniquely supercharge each product with Reiki energy for a more spiritual skincare experience. Our brand mission is to raise awareness and bring the beauty and power of Reiki to our audiences.''

- Founders Georgina & Joe Hemsley

Our Founders

Joe, founded Hemsley Organics in 2019. From a young age, having his own cosmetics brand was a long standing goal of Joe’s. This was re-lit during a struggling battle with anxiety. Joe discovered reiki, through his wife Georgina Hemsley, and during this period of healing, he felt guided to manifest his own organic cosmetics brand. Bringing reiki in to it’s very core. 

Georgina, with a background of holistic and beauty therapy practice, let go of her salon to join Joe in the unique journey of building Hemsley Organics. Now, a husband and wife team, their goal is to empower individuals skincare ritual with deep meaning and to raise awareness on reiki as a well-being tool. 

lotus flower

The Lotus Flower

The sacred lotus flower is a powerful symbol of purity, transformation, spirituality, and healing. It is often associated with the chakras, or energy centres, which are depicted by the lotus flower. By honouring those who appreciate the power of nature and seek balanced energies and pure intentions, we embrace the values of living mindfully both inwardly and outwardly.