We bless our products with Reiki, Why? We bless our products with traditional reiki therapy for its healing benefits, reiki is known as universal light energy which is believed to balance energy flow and heal from within. Reiki has been known to help and improve our well-being in many different ways and as true reiki believers this is why we bless our products with traditional reiki therapy.By energising our products with Reiki, we infuse the positive healing vibration into Hemsley Organics and by doing so hope to pass the beautiful feeling onwards for the greater good of our universe.   

Reiki as described by the UK Reiki Federation.

 'The Japanese word ‘Reiki’ literally translates as universal life force energy. This system of healing was developed by Mikao Usui the early 20th century. 

It is a non-invasive complementary therapy that has been taught and used in the UK since the late 1900s, but Eastern medicine has for thousands of years worked with this energy, recognising its flow through all living things. Reiki supports orthodox medicine or can be used alone but is not a replacement for traditional medication or treatments. It is not based on any belief, faith or suggestion, yet, scientific research using quantum physics is starting to help us to understand how reiki may work to benefit the individual. It has been suggested that in years to come it may be known as energy medicine based on scientifically measurable energy emitted from the healer’s hands.'

Scientific research findings may help us to understand how Reiki works.  There is much to learn and more research is necessary before a definitive explanation can be given, but research is producing very interesting results: When giving Reiki, practitioners have been shown to emit electro-magnetic or bio-magnetic energy from their hands. The frequencies of the energy emitted vary from one moment to the next; but many appear to correspond to those that medical researchers have identified as being the optimum frequencies for stimulating the healing process in tissues, bones and other body parts so far investigated. 

Benefits of Reiki:
• Promotes harmony and balance.

• Helps the body to release stress and tension.

• Promotes natural balance between mind, body and spirit. 

• Helps to assist the body of cleansing itself of toxins and support the immune system

• Clears the mind, helps to keep you grounded and centred. 

• Aids in better sleep and a more relaxed state.

• Helps to accelerate the bodies self healing ability. 

• Helps to relieve pain, emotionally and physically. 

• Aids in personal growth and emotional cleansing.

• Helps to improve a persons overall well-being and promotes a positive attitude.

Reiki is energy, therefore we believe flows and exists through all living things and this is why we believe it helps to eliminate any negative energies that may have come into contact with our product through its journey, after all it does contain all natural and organic properties from Mother Nature. So that when our consumers receive it, it is filled with positive energies to aid in boosting the benefits even further of our ingredients and we believe, to help, even if just a little, in caring for your well-being and spirit as well as your skin.