Our Promise

''Just For Today, I will be kind to every living thing and I will do my work honestly’’ 

Hemsley Organics centres its values around 2 of the 5 reiki precepts. We are mindful of their meaning through out every element of our brand identity and cement their representation in to our core values. 

organic skincare

Organic & Natural Products

We are certified organic and all products are highly organic and natural. They are naturally free from synthetic fragrances, palm oil, parabens, sulphates, silicones, phthalates, GMO’s , PEGs, TEA and DEA. We honour nature and its incredible benefits. The Anahata skincare range has a first ingredient of organic Bulgarian rose water, we will never use aqua(water) as a first ingredient and we do not dilute products with unnessacary fillers. Containing plant-based, ethically sourced ingredients, all products are 100% vegan friendly. 

cruelty free skincare

Kind To Planet, It's People & Animals

We are cruelty free and our products and their ingredients are never tested on animals. We do not use any animal bi-products and respect animal welfare. We use 100% recyclable and bio-degradable outer packaging. FSC approved, they are produced via wind farm powered electricity and clean water treatment plants. With vegetable based coating and water based inks, for minimal emissions throughout their production. All products are encased in glass jars which can be up cycled or infinitely recycled. Using minimal plastic which can be 100% recycled. Carefully and thoughtfully presented to respect our planet and its people. 

rose water skincare

Honour Well-being

We ripple spirituality throughout everything we do from the carefully chosen ingredients and packaging, through to the blessing of reiki energy to every finished product. We seek to bring a deeper meaning and connection to your skin and spirit, rooting well-being with the practice of reiki. We hope to inspire and encourage your own healing journey, educating our customers on the benefits of reiki for personal well-being and environment. 

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