Here at Hemsley Organics, we are all about harnessing the power of rose water. For centuries, many people have used rose water in their cooking, for ailments and even in their skincare. Rose water can help with skin concerns as well as internal ailments. In this article, we will be giving you our four favourite reasons to use rose water and how it can benefit you in your day-to-day skincare routine. 

1. It Balances Your Complexions Natural Oils

One of the main reasons we are such big fans of rose water here at Hemsley Organics is because it’s a non-chemical way to balance your oils. Our skin comes with its own, natural oils which are important to protect. 

When it comes to using your favourite skincare products, it’s important to listen to what your skin is trying to tell you. Some harsher beauty products can strip away these natural oils and make your skin concerns worse, rather than better. Rose water is known to clarify and balance your complexion. This can lead to a much more fresh and revitalised appearance. 

2. Rose Water Can Help With Dark Spots & Circles

Rose water is rich in vitamin A and C, meaning that it can be great for getting rid of dark spots. If you struggle with bags under your eyes, we would recommend incorporating rose water into your skincare routine. 

By simply applying either rose water, or a  skincare product with rose water present, under your eyes, you will see the dark cycle appear to lighten. Many people also recommend leaving rose water on your skin overnight and washing it off the next day with cold water - let us know if you try this method! 

3. Rose Water Reduces Signs of Ageing 

Rose water is used in a variety of beauty products - including ours. We opt for rose water for many reasons, including that it reduces the signs of ageing. Rose water is a natural way to plump the skin and improve the overall appearance of wrinkles. By making your complexion appear more firm, you will look more radiant and fresh. 

Rose water

Take for instance, our hydrating Rose Water Face Mist. Lightweight and made to be refreshing, is a perfect addition to any skincare routine. Whether you are looking to hydrate, nourish, calm or refresh your skin, we would recommend using our Rose Water Face Mist throughout the day. As we use rose water as one of our main ingredients, this product has an abundance of antioxidants present. This not only makes your skin look great, but also safeguards the skin’s equilibrium and balances your pH balance. 

4. Rose Water Helps Soothe Irritated Skin

Did you know that rose water can help soothe angry skin? Rose water is known for its strong anti-inflammatory properties. These properties can help treat a few different ailments, including skin concerns. Many people opt for rose water when it comes to dealing with the irritation of eczema and rosacea, but it also can be used for general redness and puffiness. 

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