Reiki practices can be extremely beneficial when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. In the winter, with there being limited daylight, we may feel more run down and out of touch with ourselves.

It’s important to guide our minds and bodies towards energy-healing sleep, which will leave us feeling rejuvenated. In this article, we will be talking through our Reiki bedtime ritual and how you can fall asleep in 10 minutes. 

Setting the Scene

15 minutes before trying to drift off, start by setting the scene. Spray your cushions with a pillow mist to create a calming atmosphere in your bed. You can also incorporate our Sensorial Balm into your night time routine as well. Simply, apply to pulse points, chest & feet, massaging gently.

Reiki Sleep Well

Then, find a comfortable position in bed and allow yourself to feel every part of your body relax. Picture yourself sinking into the mattress and leaving your daytime worries behind. Close your eyes and take a few long deep breaths. This will allow you to inhale the calmness around you and exhale any tension you may have been holding on to. 

Invoking Intention

Whilst you are setting your perfect sleep scene, you will also want to set an intention for your night ahead. We find that visualising a peaceful and restorative sleep allows your mind to free itself from the burdens of the day. Then, take a few more deep breaths and speak this mantra out loud:

"There is nothing I can do about anything tonight. Tonight, I will rest. I will take care of my mind and body so I am strong and able to make decisions with focus tomorrow."

Embracing Surrender

To truly embrace your slumber you must acknowledge that worrying late into the night will accomplish nothing. You must surrender to the present moment you are currently in and let go of any concerning thoughts you may be having. Envision a gentle stream carrying away your worries, leaving you with a sense of lightness and ease.

Another great way to prevent yourself from getting overwhelmed by racing thoughts would be to reflect on any blessings you have had throughout the day and cultivate a sense of gratitude. Allow this sense to fill your heart as you prepare for sleep. 

The Beauty Of Blissful Dreaming

As sleep drifts closer and closer, you can visualise peaceful landscapes and rolling hills, allowing your mind to wander freely. Trust in your body to lead you to rest, embracing the voyage of dreams as your thoughts gently float away, inviting the tranquillity of the night.

Nurture a serene mindset and craft a comforting sleep space to fully embrace the beauty of peaceful dreaming. As your meditation ends, softly release any lingering tension from your body and mind, surrendering to the peacefulness of the moment.

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