Pregnancy is a beautiful journey, where a new mother can have the opportunity to connect spiritually with their new child. Holistic practices such as Reiki can support expectant mothers during the growth of their baby. From womb to arms, Reiki promotes a balance of harmony and love, which can be passed from mother to child. In this article, we will discuss how Reiki can benefit mothers. 

The Benefits Of Reiki During Pregnancy 

During pregnancy, Reiki's holistic approach offers numerous benefits for expectant mothers, supporting their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being in profound ways.

1. Energetic Balance During Pregnancy

During your pregnancy, Reiki can be extremely valuable when it comes to balancing your energy. Naturally, whilst growing new life, our energy as women can undergo significant changes and shifts - Reiki can help bring us back to ourselves.

Pregnancy often brings stress and fatigue, making it essential to maintain energy balance. Reiki, renowned for its stress-relieving properties, fosters relaxation by harnessing universal life force energy. Through consistent remote Reiki healing sessions, conducted from the comfort of your home sanctuary, it can effectively ease discomfort associated with pregnancy, ensuring a more serene experience.

2. Reiki & Emotional Support

As well as our energy shifting, our emotional state can also go through some changes. Pregnancy triggers a cascade of hormones, eliciting a spectrum of emotions from anticipation to anxiety. Reiki advocates for emotional stability, fostering resilience that proves invaluable during this transformative period.

A remote Reiki healing session can provide a safe space for new and seasoned mothers who may need to cultivate a sense of inner peace. During pregnancy, many new mothers may find it tricky to embrace a positive mindset - after all, our bodies are going through a number of changes. It’s important to release these emotional blockages and Reiki can aid in doing so. 

3. Bonding With Your Newborn

In addition to helping you and your babies connection whilst they are still in the womb, Reiki can also be of benefit after the pregnancy. Reiki not only encourages a deeper connection between yourself and your energy, but it can also provide this for new mothers looking to bond with their newborns. Just like us, babies are sensitive to the feeling of energy, and would thrive with a positive atmosphere.

Reiki practices can be started whilst the baby is still forming in the womb as well. We would recommend simply placing your hands on the womb to send a loving energy towards your unborn child. This will create an initial bond between the newborn and their mother. This close connection will only grow stronger once the baby has been born. 

4. Pain Management Through Reiki

We all understand that pain and discomfort that comes with being pregnant. Soon-to-be mothers may feel back pain, an overwhelming sense of tiredness and morning sickness during this period. Your Reiki practitioner can help you, as an expectant mother, to find a new sense of relief and relaxation. 

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Through Reiki treatments, whether that be a distance Reiki healing session, or Reiki-blessed skincare, you will be able to guide your way through this uncomfortable time. Not to mention, these gentle and natural techniques offer a drug-free alternative way to manage pregnancy-related symptoms.