Properly readying your skin before applying makeup is essential for several reasons. Not only does it set the foundation for a seamless makeup application but it also ensures that your products go on smoothly and evenly - perfect for a hydrated complexion. 

First Step: Cleansing Your Skin

First things first, cleanse your skin. Using a gentle cleanser, like our Smooth & Hydrate Cream Cleanser will remove any dirt that your skin has picked up throughout the day. We would always recommend looking for cleansers that have been formulated with all natural ingredients. Harsh cleansers can strip away your skin's natural oils and leave your complexion worse off. It’s important to understand what your skin type is and pick a cleanser which works for you. 

Second Step: Exfoliating Your Skin

Exfoliating your skin is ideal for removing any dead skin and giving you a fresh and smooth complexion. However, we advise you proceed with caution. Exfoliating should only be done once to twice a week, as overdoing it can increase irritation and redness. If you want a smooth, seamless finish your makeup, incorporating exfoliation into your routine is a must. 

Third Step: Toning Your Skin

Making toning part of your everyday skincare routine allows you to remove any last traces of excess oil, makeup and dirt. As well as cleansing your face, toning can thoroughly clean your skin and close your pores. With the right toner, you can also restore your skin’s natural pH balance which will prepare it for absorbing your moisturiser.

Here at Hemsley Organics, we love rose water. Rose water acts as a natural toner as it successfully makes the skin smoother and reduces the size of pores. If you have puffy eyes, we would also recommend using it under them for quick relief. Our Hydrating Skin Mist has Bulgarian Rose Water as a main ingredient for this reason. It has natural anti-inflammatory properties, and it’s abundant in minerals as well as amino acids.

Fourth Step: Moisturising Your Skin

Moisturising your skin is the most important part of your skincare routine. Well hydrated skin prevents signs of ageing and will leave you with a fresh complexion. Here at Hemsley Organics, we cover both your day and night moisturisation needs with our Hydrating Age Defying Day & Night Cream. Both made to plump, firm and nourish, all to support a youthful complexion

Fifth Step: Prime Your Skin

Look for a primer from Hemsley Organics that contains natural ingredients like aloe vera gel or plant-derived silicone alternatives to smooth and prep the skin for makeup application. Primers play a crucial role in achieving a flawless complexion. When applied under your tinted moisturiser or foundation, they prepare the skin for makeup application, ensuring even coverage and a silky-smooth finish.

Optional Steps: Sunscreen & Eye Cream:

A sunscreen product will help you stay protected from the dangers of the sun and prevent any signs of premature ageing. You can also incorporate an eye cream and a lip balm for extra stages of moisturisation. Happy skin is well hydrated skin, after all. 

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