Hydration is one of the most important factors to keeping your skin healthy. The skin is our body's biggest organs and therefore, will need protection. Our skin acts as a barrier that prevents water loss and keeps us safe from external irritants. Proper hydration helps maintain this barrier function, keeping the skin healthy and resilient. In this article, we will be exploring what you should be looking for in a hydrating skincare product and how you can take our 8 hour hydration test. 

Why is Hydration Important For Your Skin?

In short, hydrated skin is happy skin. If your skin looks healthy and feels good, you also feel your best. Here at Hemsley Organics, we harness the power of natural ingredients to give you that burst of hydration that your skin needs. 

So, how do you spot a hydrated complexion? Well, your skin should look plump and be soft to the touch. Moisturised skin will have a glow and youthful appearance. Also, hydration helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin. Say goodbye to fine lines and wrinkles. A good moisturiser will keep your skin’s ageing to a minimum. 

What Should I Look For In a Hydrating Moisturiser?

When it comes to picking out your skincare products, it’s important to know what you are looking for. For hydrating your skin, we would recommend looking for products with hard-working and science-backed ingredients. You will want your moisturiser to be age supportive and leave your skin looking fresh. 

For example, our Age Defying Day & Night Creams are both made with natural ingredients which support collagen and elastin production. This results in a youthful and plump complexion, either throughout the day or as you wake. 

Our team here at Hemsley Organics prioritise hydration above everything else and that’s why we have created our Skin Mist so you can keep your skin moisturised through the day. This product offers versatile hydration. You can use it as a gentle rose water toner or spritz it anywhere on the skin for a burst of instant hydration. Also, we love using this product during spring and summer as a way to keep cool.

Hydrating Skincare Care

How To Take Our 8 Hour Hydration Test

With our natural and curated selection of skincare, you can take part in our 8 hydration test from the comfort of your home. Instead of your current morning skincare regime, why not try this routine instead and see if it makes a difference? Skincare is all about keeping your skin fresh throughout the day and with summer coming up, it’s a good time to get ahead of what your complexion may need in the hotter months. 

Once applying to our hydrating skincare range, you should go about your regular day-to-day. Come evening, we would like you to take notes on whether the products are keeping you hydrated - that’s it, simple really! How does your skin feel throughout the day? Does it feel smooth? Does it still feel moisturised? 

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