Whilst the festive season comes with so many exciting opportunities to spend time with loved ones, it can also be stressful. All the planning, gift buying and expectations of the day can be a lot to handle. In this article, we will be talking about how you can protect your energy during the festive season.

Set Your Boundaries 

The festive season can be tricky - it can be busy and cause us to feel run down. That’s why, before embarking on this magical time of year, it’s vital that you set your own personal boundaries. With friends and family, you can let them know your limits regarding social events, any upcoming commitments and personal space. 

Prioritise Self-Care 

As well as setting boundaries, it’s also important not to forget self-care around the festive season. Schedule ‘me-time’, where you can rejuvenate yourself - we would recommend making time for a meditation or Reiki healing session, reading a good book or relaxing in a bubble bath. 

Also, remember to keep your skincare regime a regular part of your festive routine. Whilst celebrating the holidays, we can often forget what our skin needs. But with so many social events, we are bound to be wearing more makeup. Remember to cleanse, tone and moisturise your skin before bed every night - even on Christmas!

Stay Active

For many, the holiday season can be overwhelming. In addition to your self-care being important, we would recommend scheduling time to move your body as well. Plan your schedule as in advance as you can to avoid any last-minute stress and remember to put some time aside to exercise. 

Any form of exercise can be a  great way to release any built-up tension and boost your overall energy levels throughout the day. Why not start a festive morning off with a  short, brisk walk in the fresh winter air? This can make a massive difference to your mood and make you feel much happier during the festivities.

Mindful Eating

Christmas is the perfect time to indulge - and indulge you should! But eating too much sugar or drinking too much alcohol can sometimes affect our mood. Mindful eating doesn’t mean you don’t get to enjoy the things you love around Christmas time, it simply means to remember what your body needs. In order to keep your energy levels as stable as possible, try to get enough protein and veggies. After all, you are going to want to be able to party till the New Year!

Bring Reiki Practises To Christmas With You

As the festive season approaches, consider bringing the calming and balancing principles of Reiki with you to enhance your Christmas experience. Begin by setting a positive intention for the holiday season, fostering an atmosphere of love and harmony.  Incorporate Reiki practices into your preparations by infusing your decorating, cooking, and gift-wrapping with positive energy.

During family gatherings or social events, take a moment to ground yourself and silently connect with the universal life force energy. You can also share Reiki with loved ones by offering gentle touches or blessings, fostering a sense of well-being and connection. If the holiday hustle becomes overwhelming, find a quiet space to practise self-Reiki, allowing the healing energy to flow through you, restoring balance and tranquillity. 

Limit Screen Time

We spend all year connected to the internet, and now is the time to put down our phones and reduce our overall exposure to negative news and social media. With excessive screen time, comes excessive stress. The blue light from mobile devices can contribute to stress and general fatigue. So take as many breaks as you see fit and spend time in real life, with real people.

Practice Gratitude

The festive season is a great time to practise gratitude. Take a moment each day to truly reflect on all the positive aspects of your life and the blessings that come with it. We recommend practising gratitude, as it can shift your focus away from negative experience and allow you to maintain a positive outlook. 

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