Just as you wouldn't wear your summer clothes in autumn, it's important to switch up your skincare routine accordingly. With the colder months upon us, here are our top three ways that you can adapt your skincare routine for autumn 2023.


It’s All About The Cleanser

The amount of natural oil our skin produces tends to drop when the weather gets cooler. It’s important that we take note of this, and adjust our skincare routine accordingly. During autumn and winter, you will want to opt for gentle cleansers that will work with your natural oils and not strip them away. 

We would recommend opting for oil-based formulas (particularly if you have dry skin) for the colder months. If you have been using either a foaming, or more abrasive cleanser this summer, then switching it out for a more delicate one could be a good idea. In the winter, your skin will begin to produce less oil, so it’s vital that you treat your skin with more care. Wash your face gently to prevent those important oils from being stripped away, and making your skin sensitive. 

Our Smooth & Hydrate Cream Cleanser is perfect for daily cleansing. This light and nourishing cleanser will melt away any daily impurities, as well as remove makeup. This autumn, feel more confident, with our Smooth & Hydrate Cream Cleanser which works to protect and prepare your skin. Helping to maintain the skin’s natural pH balance, this emollient rich cleanser will have you feeling ready for the rest of your winter beauty ritual. 

Time To Step Up Your Hydration

Speaking of less oil, in autumn, you may also notice that your skin is drier than normal. To help combat that autumn dehydration, we would recommend adding a face oil to your skincare routine. Our Sleep Well Facial Oil is a great way to support your skin whilst it regenerates and restores during your slumber. 

Our calming sensorial oil blend has been formulated to both nourish and hydrate your skin. To use, simply warm a small amount onto your fingertips and massage into a cleansed face in the evening, before bed. When using, you may also notice the scent of lavender, sandalwood and bergamot. We have chosen these scents, as they all help to calm your mind and body before bed, aiding in a much better quality of sleep. 

Our Sleep Well Facial Oil works to radiate, soften and smooth the skin as you sleep. It provides hydration, and moisture which can improve skin quality, and promote a much more restful, and calm state. Say goodbye to dry autumn skin, and hello to a relaxed night’s sleep, and hydrated complexion. 


Vitamin C In Your Autumn Skincare Routine

In autumn, vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins we may need. As the months get colder, colds and flus become all too common. So, keeping your immune system in tip top condition is a must - enter vitamin C. As well as potentially adding this handy vitamin to your diet, whether that be through supplement form, or just adding more vitamin C rich foods to your diet, you can also look at how beneficial it can be to your skin. 

Vitamin C can deliver multiple benefits to otherwise dull and dry skin. Our Age Defying Intensive Face Serum has 95% of natural ingredients, and is rich in vitamin C. As well as providing hydration, vitamin C can act as a protective shield which prevents signs of ageing, and dry skin from making a dreaded return. 

Our Age Defying Intensive Face Serum is light, but still packed full of vitamins and antioxidants. By adding a face serum to your autumn skincare routine, you can provide additional moisture, and leave your skin feeling refreshed. To add this autumn-ready serum to your skincare routine, simply apply a small amount of serum to your fingertips, and then gently massage it onto your face. We also recommend allowing the serum to absorb fully before applying a moisturiser or sunscreen.