Reiki has many benefits, at every and all stages of our life - including during pregnancy. Whilst growing a new life, we can start to feel disconnected from our bodies. Our hormones can be all over the place, making it hard to stay grounded. Reiki can help us feel more connected, not only with ourselves, but also with our baby. In this article, we will be looking at the top 5 ways Reiki can help us during our pregnancy journey. 

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1. Can Ease Pregnancy Symptoms 

During all stages of pregnancy, you can truly not feel yourself - and this is completely normal. As your body continues to grow new life, it can mean some of those all too common pregnancy symptoms. Some of the most typical being sickness, mood swings and aversions. 

Reiki works with both the mother and the baby to relieve these feelings. Reiki relaxes the body and eases you into a sense of calm, so you will feel both physically and mentally comfortable. During pregnancy, our hormones and emotions can be all over the place. Reiki can not only make you feel more at one with yourself, but also, it can reduce your exhaustion. Creating new life is one of the most tiring experiences we can put our bodies through. During this time, it’s vital that you take care of yourself and focus on calming practices. 


2. Reduces Stress

Reiki has long been known to reduce stress, and calm any racing thoughts we may be having. No matter the trimester, pregnancy can be stressful and at every stage, it is recommended for mum’s to remain calm and take care of themselves. 

Reiki can reduce stress, keeping mums-to-be more relaxed. Plus, relaxation is oxytocin’s best friend. The more oxytocin that we can release during pregnancy, the better. Oxytocin can induce anti-stress-like effects on our bodies and minds. These can be anything from a reduction of blood pressure, lowering your cortisol levels, increasing our pain thresholds, and promoting both growth and healing - all things you may need before giving birth. 


3. Helps You Sleep Better

Did you know that specifically women who are more sleep deprived tend to experience longer labour? That’s why it’s vital to spend more time on your self-care habits during your pregnancy. Reiki really allows you to access a superior quality of sleep.

During a Reiki session, you will feel the tension lift from your body and create a meditative-like state around you. All of which can help reduce any symptoms of insomnia you may be experiencing, which again, is very common in pregnancy. Reiki can also prevent restless legs, as well as aches and pains. 

Not only can Reiki aid you in feeling more physically ready during pregnancy, but it can also positively affect your mental health also. Lack of sleep and mood swings go hand in hand - without sleep, you may feel more in a negative headspace than normal. To prevent any additional mental stress, we recommend taking time for yourself - sleep is of the utmost importance. 


4. Creates a Stronger Connection

As well as helping out our mums-to-be, Reiki can also allow for a stronger connection for the baby as well. Reiki is all about energy healing, which means that it envelopes the entire person. Reiki can create a loving, harmonious and balanced relationship between the mother and the unborn baby that will still be present after the birth. 

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5. Aids You In Preparing For The Birth

As well as aiding you during the pregnancy stage, Reiki can help prepare mums-to-be for the birth as well. Regularly practising Reiki, or attending online sessions can ground you, and your body, making you feel more connected to your inner wisdom. Connecting you deeper to your body to trust and know your body is made for birth. You will feel more calm about the next step of your journey. 

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