In the winter, do you find yourself getting more sick than usual? This season, make the colder months pass by without issue using our simple tips and tricks. In this article, we will be talking about how Reiki can help you boost your immune system and fight back the winter flu. 

Why Is Our Health Worse During The Winter?

Winter can make our health seem not as good for a few reasons. One big reason is that we get less sunlight, which means less vitamin D. Vitamin D is really important for our immune system. Since days are shorter and it's colder, we spend less time outside, making our vitamin D levels even lower.

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Additionally, the winter season directly impacts how often we come into contact with viral infections such as the flu and common colds. The cold and dry air around us can actually weaken our bodies' defence mechanisms, making us much more likely to catch a respiratory infection. 

Stress Reduction and Immune Function

The winter season often brings heightened stress levels, which can compromise the immune system. With the lack of vitamin D and the longer, darker days, you can find yourself feeling more down than normal.  

Reiki's calming effect on the nervous system helps alleviate stress and promotes relaxation. It’s no secret that chronic stress can weaken our  immune response, making us much more susceptible to infection, illnesses and viruses. 

By reducing stress through Reiki, the body is better equipped to defend itself against seasonal threats. But, how can you do this? As well incorporating Reiki into your skincare routine, with products which are blessed by our founder, Georgina Hemsley, you can also attend distance Reiki healing sessions. Winter doesn’t have to mean months of low mental health and wellness - make the colder season work for you by inviting Reiki into your life. 

Energetic Balance and Immunity

According to Reiki philosophy, imbalances in the body's energy can lead to physical and emotional ailments. Practitioners and Reiki Masters  believe that regular Reiki sessions, whether they are remote or in person, can help align and balance the body's energy centres, known as chakras.

It's essential to emphasise that Reiki is not a substitute for conventional medical treatments. Instead, it complements existing healthcare practices by promoting a holistic approach to well-being. However, when these energy centres are in harmony, the immune system functions optimally, providing a robust defence against viruses and bacteria - goodbye winter colds, and hello fun festive season.

Enhancing Vital Life Force

Did you know that Reiki practitioners or masters work with the concept of "ki" or life force energy? 

By focusing energy on certain body areas linked to the immune system, practitioners aim to boost and fortify the body's natural defences. This is thought to improve the overall strength of the immune system, making it better able to handle common illnesses during different seasons.

To ensure you are fighting fit this winter period, we recommend incorporating distance Reiki healing sessions into your weekly routine - this way, you can keep on top of your health and wellness during the winter months.

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