Workplaces are fast-paced, with long hours and this can make for tired employees. Having employees work till burnout only benefits the company, however in the long run, it creates a negative environment. However, many companies are focusing on well-being and mental health to create a healthy work/life balance. Focusing on your employees is a great way to prevent early burnout.

At Hemsley Organics, we believe that Reiki healing is a great tool for your employees to have access to. It allows them the space to de-stress and balance their workload without it affecting their mental and physical well-being, whilst also allowing them to have the capacity to have a healthy balance between work and life. In this article, we will see what the benefits are of implementing distance reiki healing in the workplace and how this can positively affect employees and businesses alike. 

What Is Reiki Distance Healing?

Reiki healing allows energy to flow freely, now it can be accessed by all through online distance sessions.

Reiki distance healing allows anyone to discover the healing energy of Reiki to help reduce stress, and improve overall physical and emotional well-being. Distance sessions are a collaborative experience between the healer and the recipient, as well as the healing energy. Reiki healing is not bound by physical space, therefore being online does not reduce its effectiveness.

A healthy person's energy will flow freely and with ease throughout the body. But there are many factors which can affect the energy flow from stress, illness, fatigue and tension. These blockages can start to affect the entire well-being of the mind, body and spirit. 

Distance Reiki sessions work by harnessing the energy of the other person and bringing the body back into balance. The sessions work to find the negative energy and block it, helping to remove the toxicity to give the body a new lease of life and allow the energy to flow freely once more.

The Benefits of Reiki Healing In The Workplace

Businesses that focus on their employee's mental health and as well as work/ life balance will cultivate a happier and lasting environment and workforce. This is because well-being in the workplace helps your employees to focus and remain happy within their job role. A great way to help is through distance Reiki. 

You can boost morale and start the ball rolling with well-being experience gifts, employees can get a taste of distance healing. Giving a Reiki healing session in the workplace is a great way to help employees to de-stress, as well as regain focus and balance, so that they turn up to work ready for the day ahead. Focusing on your employee's well-being promotes a happy environment for them and everyone else.

Regular Reiki treatments help to ease tension and keep the mind, body and spirit balanced and in alignment. As we are all made of energy, Reiki can be accessed by all. Here are some of the benefits of distance Reiki healing: 

• It helps to decrease tension, anxiety, stress and any negative self-talk 

• Allows the employee to work through any challenges and helps to formulate a positive and healthy mindset

• Reiki helps to reduce mental fatigue and promotes clarity over thoughts which can help when it comes to making decisions

• Due to Reiki's relaxing properties, it helps to improve sleep which in turn improves concentration 

• Reiki is great for the immune system and this will help reduce the number of sick days and absenteeism 

• Increases energy levels which helps to boost overall performance and productivity 

• Improves relationships with colleagues in the workplace



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