It's World Sleep Day! We're confident you'll agree that sleep is critical to our physical and mental wellness. At Hemsley Organics we believe Reiki can help you indulge in a more mindful and relaxed lifestyle, helping to improve your overall wellness, skin, vitality, and sleep. 

Reiki encourages deep relaxation and allows you to easily get to that zone between awake and slumber, a level deeper than what traditional relaxation methods usually offer.  

During a Reiki session, it's fairly common for people to drift off and this improved state of relaxation can be felt long after the session has ended. Thus, with the goal of improving your nighttime routine, having Reiki treatments in the evening might well be beneficial, especially to promote a healthy sleeping schedule. 

How Does Poor Sleep Impact Your Physical And Mental Wellbeing?

Whether your sleeping pattern has gone a little aerie, or you suffer from a sleeping disorder, having a disorderly nighttime routine can have significant impacts on how you function within the day. Here are a few ways poor sleep affects us:

1. Fatigue

You're more likely to feel fatigued during the day if you don't get enough sleep. It can make it difficult to concentrate and have a massive impact on your daily routine. It’s vital that you get that recommended 7-8 hours of sleep. 

2. Mood Swings

Sleep deprivation can also cause irritability, anxiety, and depression. Sleep deprivation might heighten feelings of worry and stress more than usual, leaving you not like yourself during the day.

3. Immune System Weakness

A healthy immune system requires an adequate amount of sleep. When you don’t get the recommended amount of sleep, your body will be less likely able to fight infections. Sleep is when our bodies heal, and if we lack this, we may find ourselves getting more sick than normal. If you get less sleep, you may find yourself catching more common colds and sickness bugs than usual. 

4. Weight Gain

Furthermore, there has been a connection drawn between getting less sleep and gaining weight / not being able to lose weight. Sleep deprivation may affect hormones, which are essential when it comes to regulating our hunger.

Reiki Healing & The Benefits It Has On Sleep

When it comes to sleep, it can feel as if everything is conspiring against you. You can spend the night monitoring the clock, and in the morning you are completely fatigued, demotivated, and stressed. What's more, guess what? You are also unable to sleep the following evening.

Reiki Distance Healing Session

One of our Reiki Distance Healing Sessions can promote a sense of calm, and deep relaxation. Our online sessions, whether that be for 45 minutes, or 60 minutes will allow you to discover the healing energy, and leave you feeling much more at peace. Join our Reiki Master, Georgina Hemsley for a collaborative healing session where you are part of the process. Energy is not bound by physical space, therefore being online does not reduce the effectiveness.

As you begin your Reiki Distance Healing Session, you will be brought into a conversation that focuses on your needs and desires - we will want you to focus on what you are looking for from your Reiki healing session. Throughout this event, you will be lying down fully clothed, with your eyes closed. We will want you to feel fully relaxed and comfortable. As we are channelling distance healing you will be notified when the healing has started and ended, with a chance to ask any questions you may have about the session at the end. 

How you feel during and after the session can differ completely from person to person. There is no right way to feel, and many people experience it in opposing ways. During treatment, you may notice feelings of warmth or cold, heaviness or lightness - it’s completely dependent on the person. It is also not uncommon for you to drift in and out of sleep, as the experience is geared towards being relaxing. 

If you are having trouble sleeping, and looking for ways to improve your overall sleeping patterns, then we couldn't recommend a Reiki Distance Healing Session more. After a session, people tend to feel lighter and happier, with many saying that they feel ‘a weight has been lifted’. This feeling of clarity can be exactly what people are looking for when it comes to sleeping better. 

Essential Oil Benefits For Sleep

Another way to help induce a sense of relaxation is through essential oils. Patchouli, chamomile, lavender, and jasmine are just a few examples of oils that can make you feel calm upon taking them. 

Both chamomile and lavender have long been thought to cure insomnia in traditional medicine, and are now being used as an at-home remedy to get the best night’s sleep possible. Other oils such as jasmine and patchouli can also help you relax, ease tension, and aid you to fall asleep.

Essential oil for sleep helps to calm your mind so that you can fall asleep more easily. Aromatherapy oils are great for relaxing the mind and creating tranquillity in a space. Reiki therapy and essential oils are an effective pairing for clearing energy channels that connect your chakras. 


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