Summer is the season for long days at the beach, and spending a lot of time in the sun - and whilst this can be fun, many of us can suffer with more anxiety than normal during this time. The practise of Reiki can offer clarity, happiness and balanced energy to those who need a sense of peace and calm during the warmer month. In this article, we will be discussing how this ancient practice can help you feel more at one with yourself this summer. 


Can I Do Reiki At Home?

The short answer is yes - it’s completely possible to do Reiki from the comfort of your own home. Here at Hemsley Organics, we offer distance Reiki healing sessions, performed by our very own Reiki Master, Georgina Hemsley. We offer either a 30 minute or a 60 minute session, which will allow you to discover the healing energy of Reiki and support you on your healing journey. 

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You will join Georgina Hemsley, a practising Reiki healer of 11 years, for a collaborative healing session, where you will be guided through a relaxing online process. Energy is not bound by physical space, and therefore, a distance Reiki healing session can be done effectively from your own home this summer.

What Should I Expect From My At-Home Reiki Session?

When you start your Reiki session, you will be asked a little more about your own personal needs, and where you would like to focus your healing session. Once the session starts, you will be asked to lie down or sit comfortably, fully dressed, and close your eyes. With your eyes fully shut, you will be able to relax completely. Georgina Hemsley, our Reiki Master, will let you know when the session has started, and ended. Georgina is a passionate, warm and welcoming individual who has been delivering Reiki sessions for over 8 years. With 11 years practising Reiki herself, you will be in supportive hands the whole way through your healing journey. 

You will be allowed to ask further questions at the end, and take any necessary information you may need about your Reiki healing journey into your next session. Reiki is a non-invasive treatment and can strongly benefit you if you are looking to heal anxiety or depression. Reiki can help you achieve a much deeper level of relaxation, and help heal any emotional distress you may be feeling. 

What Are The Benefits of Reiki?

With summer here, many of us can start to have heightened feelings of anxiety and depression. This is because changes in melatonin experienced in the summer time can generally affect our daily circadian rhythms. This can lead to trouble sleeping, and naturally, this can mean we may experience more mood swings, and grogginess. 

Also, with an increase in temperature this time of year, it can also mean our cortisol levels and palpitations rise. This can leave us feeling tired, more fatigued on a daily basis and nausea. These symptoms combined together can feel all too similar to a panic attack - this can make us feel more anxious if we notice them. 

In the summertime, whilst we might be out in the sun and enjoying the longer, lighter evenings, it’s vital that we check back in with ourselves and ensure that we are taking care of our wellbeing. Reiki can help you improve your moods, and regulate your emotions as we go through this change in weather. As well as reducing stress levels, and increasing relaxation, you will also find that after a few Reiki sessions, you may experience better sleep and improve on potential insomnia symptoms. All of these elements working in tandem add up to you having a relaxing, and pleasurable summer. 

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How Many Sessions will I Need to Notice Benefits?

Your Reiki session is all about finding your own healing journey, and focusing on your desires. Receiving regular sessions is the best way to combat ongoing anxiety, as it invites you to delve deeper into your emotions and find helpful tools to soothe these feelings. It is always advised to remember that your reiki experience is unique to you and what that may mean. 

After your very first session, you will be able to experience the feeling of being completely relaxed, and then decide, based on your own personal experience, how many sessions you feel you could benefit from on a monthly basis. Georgina Hemsley can also assist you in mapping out your healing journey, and helping you focus on what you desire moving forward. 

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