The rose is often looked upon for not only its natural beauty, but also, the benefits it can offer to our mind, body and skin. In this article, we will take a moment to thank the rose, and take a look at all of the natural beauty benefits it can offer to us - just in time for World Rose Awareness Week.


World Rose Awareness Week 2023

Rose Awareness Week happens in June every year, when many of them are blooming, between the 19th - 25th of the month. This week aims to celebrate everything beautiful about the rose, and the versatility this amazing plant can provide to us - whether that be in our beauty products, skincare, or even, just in our garden spaces. 

The rose, particularly here in the UK, is one of the most popular flowers. Giving them in a bouquet symbolises love, and passion, and planting them in your garden can give a pop of colour. Typically, roses tend to bloom from late spring to early autumn, and whilst they only tend to flower once, they continuously shine throughout this season. As the summer months start to take full effect, we are able to truly appreciate the rose, and its beauty. 


The Many Benefits Of Rose Water

As we’ve said above, the rose can be used in many different regards. Roses are a beautiful decor item in any home or garden, and also as an ingredient in some food items, as well as beauty products and skincare. Here at Hemsley Organics, we create beautifully natural skincare, which of course, favour the benefits that roses can provide. 

Rose-infused products, or rose water, can be perfect for all skin types. As rose is a natural ingredient, it is both gentle, and effective on the skin without being too harsh. Rose can naturally soothe any skin irritation you may have, as well reducing skin redness. By calming the skin, it can prevent general inflammation, and create a more even skin tone. Rose water acts as a natural toner and can be used on your skin daily if you see fit. 

As well as being perfect for the skin, the rose is also effective when ingested. It has been thought to soothe a sore throat, prevent infections, help heal cuts or burns and even, help relieve headaches. In addition to being used in skincare, many people have turned to rose for medicinal purposes for many years. 

Another reason we love using rose here at Hemsley Organics is because this natural ingredient helps us combine two things we are passionate about: healthy skincare and wellbeing. Our Reiki-infused skincare line helps to bring the mind and skin back together, and offers a more holistic and spiritual wellness experience. Roses are thought to be great for boosting your mood, increasing your concentration and calming any nerves. 


How We Incorporate Rose Water

Organic Bulgarian Rose Water is always one of our first ingredients, and you will find it in all of our products from our Anahata Range. We use Organic Bulgarian Rose Water as it sets a powerful antioxidant base, which works dynamically with the other natural plant-based extractions that we use. 

Organic Bulgarian Rose Water is naturally rich in flavonoids, and a range of vitamins including A,C,D,E & B3. This wondrous ingredient works to keep the skin’s natural pH balanced, as well as offering superior hydration, as plumps the skin, and visibility softens fine lines. Organic Bulgarian Rose Water fights off any oxidative stress, and supports a youthful complexion. 

rose water skincare


As we’ve said above, we use Organic Bulgarian Rose Water in all of our Anahata range, as this key ingredient offers so many benefits to our skin. In this range, we have: 

All of our Anahata range can be used in tandem, and for the best results, they can be used on a daily basis.  One of our absolute favourite ways to use Organic Bulgarian Rose Water, particularly in summer, is in our Hydrating Skin Mist.  Using rose water in skincare means we can offer unmatched hydration. In these hot summer months, we may notice our skin start to dry out, and giving it that burst of hydration throughout the day is a must. Our lightweight and refreshing formula will hydrate, nourish, calm and refresh the skin, as well as protect and balance your skin’s natural Ph balance. We recommend applying this magical elixir with cotton or bamboo pads daily to use as a gentle toner after cleansing. Spritz our Hydrating Skin Mist onto cleansed skin to hydrate and smooth skin. Top tip, for best results used in conjunction with our Anahata Collection.   

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