We all know that dehydrated skin is a key issue for the appearance of ageing and tired looking skin, but how can we get ahead of it, and keep our complexion glowing? Well, in this article, we are going to be sharing our favourite three top tips for having hydrated skin, all year round. 


1. Hydrate Your Body From The Inside Out

Is the summer heat drying out everyone else’s skin? Well, as well as keeping to your hydrating skincare routine, you might also want to think about your water intake. The NHS actually recommends that we all drink around 6–8 glasses of water per day. The best way to do this, is to start drinking in the morning early - yes, before your cup of coffee! Then to continue to do so regularly, throughout the day.

You are going to want to hydrate your skin from the inside out, ensuring that as well as keeping topped up on your favourite moisturiser, and SPF, you also need to be drinking lots of fluids. Without a regular intake of water, your skin may appear dry, itchy and even, dull-looking. Your overall tone and complexion could also start to suffer, any may appear uneven making fine lines and wrinkles all the more noticeable. So, when you are relaxing in the sun this Hydration Day, remember that drinking water is a must if you want to keep that youthful glow, and ensure you are staying fit and healthy. 


2. Opt for Hydrating Skincare Products

With Hydration Day around the corner, and the summer sun here to stay for a few months, it’s vital that we look at what skincare products we are using. If you suffer with dry skin, it can only worsen in the summer, as the rays can typically dry us out. However, with high-quality hydrating skincare products, you can nip this skin concern in the bud. 

Introducing The Anahata Collection. This wonderful range of skin key products will have your skin glowing with hydration in no time. Perfect for all skin types, The Anahata Collection has been curated to naturally nourish, protect and balance your skin by offering superior hydration. This range is natural, clean and organic, using high-quality ingredients to give your skin that much-need boost.  In this range, we have:

 reiki blessed skincare

One of the primary ingredients is Organic Bulgarian Rose Water, which is a by-product from the extracted perfume, and sits at the heart of our range. These ingredients offer exceptional antioxidant properties, which only enhance how hydrating this range is.  

Not only does this range contain quality, and natural ingredients, but it also promises 24-hour hydration. Let’s right - say goodbye to dehydrated summer skin. Our range of clean beauty products highlight the fundamental qualities and age defying results.


3. Take Our Eight Hour Hydration Test

Now we’ve introduced you to The Anahata range, let’s talk about our Hydration Test. Using our curated selection of skincare products, we would recommend swapping out your morning routine for age-defying range. After switching up your beauty regime, by the evening, we would like you to take notes on whether the products are still hydrating your skin, and giving you that luminosity, softness and suppleness that you felt once you had applied them in the morning. 

All we want to know is, how does your skin feel throughout the day? We pride ourselves on making wonderfully natural products, which are good for all skin types, and concerns. We also suggest trying out the skin-cycling method, which by using our range every other day, your skin will still get that much needed rest to repair from ingredients that may be harsh on your skin. Hemsley Organics offer unique increased hydration that lasts all day- we invite you to test  this for yourself.