Along with many other industries, the world of beauty can be not as kind to the planet as we would hope -  But that is why World Recycling Week is here. Whilst we should be recycling all year round, recycling week reminds of why we should be continuously looking for new ways to surround the environment around us. In this article, we will be speaking about the importance of sustainable beauty packaging and how you too, can make a difference. 

What Is World Recycling Week?

World Recycling Week is 19 this year, which means there has been 19 years of celebrating and giving back to the planet. World Recycling Week is all about bringing together retailers, brands, waste management companies and governments to achieve one goal which should be close to all our hearts: recycling.

Recycling is something many of us do in our own homes. In the UK, it seems standard to have a recycling bin in your kitchen, where you can set aside any cardboard, tin or glass. However, when it comes to brand practices, many other industries need to also make this change. Whilst we should all consciously be making an effort to get rid of our rubbish in a sustainable way in our own home, many companies need to also follow suit - introducing world recycling week.

How Does The Beauty Industry Affect The Planet

We often don’t think about the beauty industry's effect on the planet, but we are here to tell you - what you buy matters. Plastics don’t typically break down - and this means that microplastics are created from the cosmetic waste. These can be extremely harmful to the environment, animals and humans alike. 

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Often, toxic chemicals can come from this which have made their way into landfills and even the ocean. Typically some of our most used products, such as cleansers, shampoos, sunscreens, creams and lotions can contain these nasty chemicals, which in the long run can be extremely harmful to human-kind and wildlife if they get into the environment. With these chemicals, it can get harder and harder to avoid the repercussions of our environmental impact. 

Our Sustainable Beauty Promise

Sustainable beauty is a much more environmentally-friendly way to enjoy your favourite skincare and makeup products. By shopping with a more sustainable eye, you can avoid adding to the ever-growing problem that is associated with not recycling. 

Here at Hemsley Organics, we are dedicated to creating products which are not only kind to the skin, but also kind to the planet. All our outer packaging is 100% recyclable and biodegradable - meaning that after you are finished with one of our lovely products, you can simply retire them to the recycling bin. The glass jars that our products come in are also 100% recyclable, and if you don’t fancy throwing them away after use, you can refill them time and time again. Our packaging also uses a water-based coating and vegetable based inks which means even the labels we print on are highly sustainable. 

Not only is our packaging eco-friendly, but even when we are curating our products we are thinking about the planet. The electricity we use to make our skincare range is produced by the British Wind Farms, courtesy of Oersted and their renewable energy source. We also do not dilute any of our products with aqua or use fillers. Each and every ingredient is completely purposeful and benefits our skin or the structure of the product. We are passionate about fully natural skincare which makes both you and the planet feel great.

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